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SHD's mission is to bring the clarity of High-Definition to everyone.

About SHD:

As the owner of SHD, I welcome you to my website. Here 's a bit about me:

I have been an audio enthusiast for more than 35 years.

It all started out with one of those Philips portable record players from the early '70's. I soon had the thing taken apart and did what I could to make it sound better.. but, those old scratched up 45's never really sounded great.

I got my first car in 1975, a vintage 1963 Rambler American Classic 660. I soon had the stock AM radio out of it and added an in-dash Craig 8-track player with Jensen 6x9's in the rear deck.. woo hoo! That was soon replaced by a Pioneer cassette player. Oh boy, was I ever on the edge of technology then! hah!

As time passed, I slowly built up my home audio system. I wasn't a rich kid so I did what I could with what I had but always looking to surround myself with music. It was when my Dad bought a Sears Quadraphonic record player that I really heard what "surround sound" could be like.

It wasn't until the late 80's that I saw the first marriage of audio and video with the emergence of Dolby Pro-Logic surround sound. I had to have that! The first problem I saw was with the speaker wires. I couldn't have all those wires being seen, especially to the rear speakers. I figured out that I could route the speaker wires inside the walls, up to the attic, across and above the ceiling and then back down inside the wall where I wanted to mount the speakers. My friends saw what I had done and asked me if I could do the same for their setup. I gladly helped them and by doing so, learned some tricks and methods.

I have been doing my own home theater setups since then as well as helping friends. In 2006, I decided that I wanted a real Home Theater, with a projector and big screen. I converted my formal dining room into a home theater. You can see the photos in my

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After I helped another good friend with their home theater, I decided that I could do this as a business. SHD was born from that decision.

I am still very much an audio and video enthusiast. I am member of several high definition forums (

gymnastics women camel toe

gymnastics women camel toe

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) where I frequently post opinions and give advice.